Base Platform
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Death Island
  • Type: Location
  • Subtype: Master Chief Location
  • Stunt: Base Platform
Informal Data
Nicknames:* Death Island Secret Spot
  • Secret Platform

In each base on Death Island there is a small platform directly above the Hallway. Players have been getting on these platforms for years, and the stunt is very well known.

Histroy Edit

An identical platform exists on the campaign level The Silent Cartographer. This platform was discovered in the first three years after Halo was released.[citation needed] When Halo (PC) was released with the map Death Island, this platform was probably discovered very quickly, because it is so similar to the campaign platform.[citation needed]

Tutorial Edit

Ledge Method Edit

This method, although it works for both bases, works best at Red Base.

  1. Get inside the crevice at red base.
  2. Walk to the end of the crevice and face the portal.
  3. Run forward.
    • You can use 3rd person, flycam, or sightjacker to render the inside of the base, this will make it easier to land on the platform.

PFR Method Edit

  1. Drive a Warthog into either base and park it in the either of the back corners of the base so it is at a 45º angle.
  2. Stand on top of the Warthog and PFR.
  3. Guide yourself onto the platform.

Banshee Method Edit

This method can be tricky.

  1. Grab a Banshee and park it next to an entrance of the base so it is parallel to the doorway.
  2. Drive a Hog into the Banshee and force it through the entrance, so it is on the flag stand.
    • You can get the Banshee inside without the aid of another vehicle, but it is very difficult.
  3. Enter the Banshee and reverse up and then towards the back of the base.
  4. As soon as you reach the bridge, position the Banshee so it is above the platform and its tail is facing the back of the base and exit it.

PPPFR Method Edit

  • Face the back wall of the base and PPPFR.
  • Jump and move backwards to launch up to the platform.

Other Informaion Edit

Trivia Edit

  • If you miss the platform when you jump down from the crevice, but you land on what seems like nothing, then you are most likely on the Ledge in the Base (Death Island).
  • Players have also placed ghosts and hogs on the Base Platform, and they have even shroomed a ghost in the platform.
  • There is an identical platform on the campaign level The Silent Cartographer in the hallway at the entrance of the Maproom Structure.