Behind Sidewinder Ladder
  • Game: Halo: Combat Evolved
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Sidewinder
  • Type: Ledges
  • Subtype: Ceiling Ledges
  • Stunt: Ledge Behind Ladder
Informal Data

The Behind Sidewinder Ladder stunt is a ledge that involves getting behind either of the two ladders in each base on Sidewinder.

Tutorial Edit

Hog Turret Bump Method Edit

  1. Get a Warthog to the 2nd floor of either Sidewinder base.
  2. Position the Warthog so it is directly under the lights at the back of the base and have it face one of ladders.
  3. Jump on top of the Warthog and move back so your back is against the turret - then center yourself.
  4. Aim just a bit past the front of the Warthog and melee until you pop on top of turret of the Warthog.
    • Alternatively, you can have a partner drive the Warthog forward to bump you into the ceiling.
  5. Jump on the edge of the light.
  6. Make a running jump to the ledge next to and perpendicular to the ladder
  7. Jump onto the corner at the end of the ledge you are on.
  8. Jump behind the ladder and run towards it to grab it.
    • Note: This ledge can be performed at either base, but the sizes of the lights are different at each base. It is easier to do at red base because the light is much larger.

Ghost Bump Method Edit

Two players are needed for this method.

  1. Get a Ghost to the second floor of either base on Sidewinder.
  2. Align the Ghost so it is facing the lengthiest wall but about 1&1/2 feet away from the wall so that a MC can stand (not crouched) against the wall and in between the Ghost and the wall but on top of the front of the Ghost.
  3. Have the second player stand behind the Ghost, inline with the middle of the Ghost and enter the Ghost popping the first player up and in to the roof where he/she will be able to jump on to the closest ledge and make their way over to the back of the ladder.
  • see step 6 of Method 1

Video TutorialsEdit

Behind Sidewinder Ladder Tutorial by Paradoxic

Other Information Edit

Tips Edit

  • It is easier to use the Warthog with the machine gun turret than the one with the rocket turret. [citation needed]
  • You can reenter the map if you climb over the top of the ladder.

Trivia Edit

  • While behind the ladder you are unaffected by gunfire & explosives.
  • Players behind the ladder may become de-rendered, allowing players to go through each other.
  • At the bottom of the ladder it is possible, though challenging, to reach the lower base ledge.