Explosive jumping is a very common element in the Halo games. The basic premise is that a player can boost the height of a jump by triggering an explosion beneath their feet. This works because the explosion sends a force outwards in all directions. The height is gained when the explosion occurs directly below the player, forcing them upwards.

A basic explosive jump Edit

Let us hypothesize that a player, John Doe, wishes to jump onto a platform that is slightly beyond his reach. John Doe decides to improvise. He throws a grenade so that it lands on the ground in front of the platform. He then runs toward the grenade, jumping above it as it explodes. The explosive force propels him further upward, damaging him in the process but allowing him to reach the platform.

Types of explosive jumps Edit

Technically, any combination of explosives could be used in an explosive jump. Only the most common combinations are listed here.

Grenade jump
A very basic explosive jump in which a player throws a grenade, and then jumps over it as it explodes.
Frag jump
A grenade jump using a frag grenade as the only explosive.
Rocket jump
A basic explosive jump in which a player jumps and fires a rocket at their feet while in midair. This jump is generally riskier than a standard grenade jump, as rockets deal more damage. In normal gametypes, rockets are almost always fatal.
FR jump
A combination of a frag grenade jump and a rocket jump. The player throws a frag grenade at their feet, jumps, and fires a rocket while in midair.
PFR jump
An explosive jump in which the grenades are thrown at the player's feet and the rocket is fired from midair after jumping.