Ice Fields Ghost Shroom
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Ice Fields
  • Type: Inside
  • Subtype: Vehicle Insides
  • Stunt: Ghost Shroom
Informal Data

The Ice Fields Ghost Shroom is arguably one of the easiest shrooms to recreate.

See Ghost Shroom for general stunt description.

History Edit

The Ice Fields Ghost Shroom was shown in The Final Act, but the method was not shown. On February 5, 2010, Femix discoverd a way to quickly recreate the stunt at the bridge.

Tutorial Edit

"10 Second" Method Edit

  1. Grab a Ghost and drive it to the cave-side of the center bridge.
  2. Facing the cave, go to the end of the thin railing to the left.
  3. Turn facing the opposite railing and park the Ghost so that the seat hangs over the edge.
    • The Ghost seat should be split by the railing if done correctly. If not, melee it a few times until it splits.
  4. Grab a Warthog and drive it to the center of the bridge, then face the Ghost.
  5. At an angle almost parallel to the railing, lightly ram the Ghost until the seat falls underground.
    • Stop ramming as soon as the seat falls under. If you push too hard you may push the Ghost out of the ground.
  6. Enter the Ghost and carefully drive it to the end of the thin railing, where the bridge ends and the snow starts.
    • Make sure the Ghost doesn't slide away from the rail, pop out or change where it faces.
    • You want to drive sideways and backwards. Driving forward will make the Ghost come out of the ground.
    • If you're really careful you can push the Ghost to the end of the railing using the Hog.
  7. Without moving the Ghost, drive the hog into the cave and face the Ghost. You should be at a 45º angle with the railing.
  8. Continuously drive into the Ghost, slowly at first, until it is completely shroomed.
  9. Once the ghost is shroomed, you may use a tank to move it anywhere on the map.
    • You can use a Hog too, but it's easy to re-render the shroom with a tank.
    • If you move the Ghost back into/across the bridge it will turn into a half-shroom. You won't be able to push it out of the bridge area again if this happens.

Other Information Edit

Tips Edit

  • When moving the shroom with the tank, don't drive to fast or the shroom will flip out of the ground.
  • Try to continuously move when pushing the shroom with the tank, it can de-render if you leave it immobile in the wrong area.