Ghost on Top of Sidewinder
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Sidewinder
  • Type: Inside
  • Subtype: Vehicle Insides
  • Stunt: Ghost on Top of Sidewinder
Informal Data

On Sidewinder, one of the most known stunts is getting on top of the cliffs of the map, a considerably simple task. However, getting a Ghost on Top of Sidewinder is considered more interesting, and useful too.

Tutorial Edit

Solo Method Edit

  1. Drive a Ghost into the tunnels and under either of the skylights on the map.
  2. Set up the Ghost so it is just a bit forward from the center of the skylight, facing the small side of the skylight.
  3. Nose balance the Ghost.
  4. Position yourself opposite of the Ghost so you are directly under the edge of the skylight opposite of it.
  5. Aim at the top of the skylight above the ghost and throw a plasma grenade, then aim down near the bottom of the skylight and throw a second plasma grenade.
  6. PFR right as the plasma grenades hit the ground.
    • You may fire a rocket or your fuel rod at the Ghost to make sure it falls on top of the map.

Other Information Edit

Tips Edit

  • When launching the Ghost solo, try to synchronize the explosions so the plasma grenades each land on the ground at the same time, and explode at the exact same time as the PFR, resulting in a PPPFR.
  • When launching the Ghost solo, the first two plasma grenades should land in front of the Ghost, and should not stick the Ghost.
  • Once the Ghost is up, be careful not to let it fall back down the skylight, there is no barrier to stop you.