"Glitching is the practice of a player exploiting faults in a video game's programming to achieve tasks normally impossible if the game's script runs as intended, such as running through walls or defying gravity."

In video games, glitches are programming errors which result in behavior not originally intended by the game designers. Video game glitches have a history of being exploited for functional gain. For instance, a player may implement a glitch to bypass a certain portion of the game or to complete it faster. Glitches have also been exploited to gain a advantage over other players in multiplayer games. This exploitation has a history of controversy, as it can ruin the game experience for certain players. In the Halo games the practice of performing glitches has been less controversial, as players who implement glitches tend to do so outside of normal multiplayer games, making it innocuous in the eyes of the community. The practice of performing glitches in the Halo games has been pursued by many players over the years, leading to the development of thousands of glitches in the games.

"Glitch" is often used as a verb. To glitch is to perform one or more glitches. If something in a game glitches, then it is suffering from the after-effects of a glitch. Something that has been glitched has been affected by a glitch. Someone who practices/implements glitches is a glitcher, and the practice of performing glitches is known as glitching.

Other definitions Edit

In addition to the technical definition, many players have applied other meanings to the word "glitch". Some use the phrase to refer to things that are especially strange, though not necessarily glitches. Others have used the word as a synonym for "stunt", though not all stunts are glitches.

Debate Edit

There is an ongoing debate in the community as to where words such as stunt, trick, and glitch should be used; the debate may be found on this article's talk page.

As of now, HSW is using the word "stunt" to describe oddities, errors, and other phenomenon in the Halo games. If you wish to debate this, please refer to this article's talk page.