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  • Game: Halo (PC)
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  • Type: Inside
  • Subtype: Master Chief Insides
  • Stunt: Inside Banshee (UD Canopy)
Informal Data

The Mator-Mobile is a Master Chief Inside in which the player is forced into a Banshee's canopy while the vehicle is upside-down. The player is lodged about halfway down the canopy's length, with their upper body and feet protruding from it. The player can melee the Banshee to move, although their speed is severely limited.

History Edit

The Mator-Mobile was first documented by Mator around the end of summer 2009. In his own words:

"I was experimenting with Banshee insides and I wanted to see if I could get inside of the nose of an upside-down Banshee (since I had been inside of the nose of a back balanced Banshee recently). So I set up a Standard Line Warp into the Banshee and warped in. Sure enough, I was in the nose of the Banshee. I then moved to see what would happen. I found myself bumped towards the back of the upside down Banshee. I thought that this was interesting, and I tried to melee the 'shee to see if it was mobile. And it was!"

In 2010 Mallet claimed to have done the Mator-Mobile before, and supplied a few screenshots that appeared to be taken from the inside of the stunt. Due to his claims it seems likely the Mator-Mobile was probably created a long time ago, and only rediscovered by Mator.


Method 1Edit

  1. Set up a Standard Line Warp so it warps you onto flat ground a fair distance away from the warp itself.
  2. Mark the spot with a decal so you know where it is.
  3. Flip a Banshee over and melee it to position the nose (or the center of the canopy) over the spot.
  4. Use the Standard Line Warp to warp into the Banshee. If you do not end up inside of the Banshee, adjust its position and try again.
  5. Once you are inside of the Banshee, face the back of the canopy, and tap backward to warp towards the end of the canopy.
  6. Once you have warped forward, proceed to melee the front or back of the Banshee to move it at the slow rate of 0.5km/h.

Other information Edit


  • The only way to exit the Mator-Mobile without moving the Banshee is to switch teams or die from a non-explosive weapon.
  • If you are having trouble warping into the Banshee, try moving the Banshee towards where you end up from your warp.
  • If you are still having trouble warping inside of the Banshee, try resetting the Banshee.
  • If all else fails, restart the stunt from the beginning.


  • There are three different Shee-Mobiles. The Mator-Mobile is the slowest.
  • The first banshee inside that could be moved with melee was called a Shee-Mobile, then when Gil and Arma found another one, they named it the Gil-Mobile. So, to keep originality and continue what Gil and Arma did, the name Mator-Mobile was made for this stunt.
  • Mallet, upon a claim that he was the first one to do this stunt, wanted the name on the Halo Stunting Wiki changed to "Mallet-Mobile" March 2010.