Portal Platform Ledge
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Ice Fields
  • Type: Ledges
  • Subtype: Cieling Ledges
  • Stunt: Portal Platform Ledge
Informal Data
  • Side Platform Ledge
  • Sniper Platform Ledge

The Portal Platform Ledge is a ledge on Ice Fields within either of the two portal platforms adjacent to the bridge. The ledge is fairly short, and branches out in many directions near the end. Additionally, there are multiple points in the ledge where the ledger's upper body sticks out of the ledge.

Tutorial Edit

  1. Get a Ghost to the Portal Platform.
  2. Set the Ghost up adjacent to the portal, facing the wall, and less than half a meter away from the wall.
  3. Throw a plasma grenade in front of the Ghost to flip it into the rail.
  4. Flip and melee the Ghost until it is positioned so its right side is facing into the platform, but you can still enter it.
    • You may have to enter the Ghost and drive it left or right in order to set it up this way properly.
  5. Enter the Ghost and exit it.
  6. Proceed down the ledge, directly out of the map, until you drop down onto the next corner.
  7. Line yourself up so you are facing the corner to your right, so you can't see the edge of the wall that extends to this corner.
  8. Crouch walk to the corner then uncrouch, you may have to move back a little to uncrouch.
  9. Jump onto the corner.
  10. Proceed directly across the width of the platform, towards the bend in the bridge.
  11. Face down directly down the platform, parallel with the rail, crouch and move a little to the left, then move straight down the ledge.
    • From here you can drop down into the platform support that is just below the bridge, and then proceed around inside of it and into the wall.

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