Tank Side Balance
  • Game: Halo (PC)
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  • Type: Balance
  • Subtype: Floor Balance
  • Stunt: Tank Side Balance
Informal Data

The Tank Side Balance is a balance in which a Tank is positioned on its side. Specifically, the Tank is balancing on the sides of two of its treads.

History Edit

The Tank Side Balance has been performed numerous times, and often occurs accidentally.[1] A common situation involves a Warthog driving under the side of a Tank. The earliest known feasible method to recreate the Tank Side Balance was created by Mator in 2006.

Tutorial Edit

FR Method Edit

The FR Method involves the use of frag grenades and rockets to boost a flipped over tank onto its two treads.

  1. Flip a Scorpion upside-down by PFRing under its front or its back. The Scorpion should be positioned on flat ground.
  2. Use frag grenades to tilt the Tank as much as possible, so that it leans to one side.
  3. Stand in front of the Tank, so that you can see its turret. Throw a frag grenade under the turret, and fire a rocket at the turret. If done correctly, the Tank should side balance.

Flip Method Edit

The Flip Method involves flipping the Tank from a position where it will land in a side balance.

  1. As with the FR Method, start by flipping a Tank upside-down.
  2. Melee the Tank so that it is completely level and balanced, and then melee the left side once.
  3. Walk to the front side. Align yourself with its center, and then move somewhat to the right.
  4. Get as close to the Tank as possible, and then flip it normally. If done correctly, the Tank should side balance.

Video Tutorials Edit

FR Method
Tank Side Balance Tutorial by Paradoxic

Other informationEdit

Tips Edit

  • For the Flip Method, the more you move to the left, the less the tank will move while in the air. The more you move to the right, the more it will move in the air.
  • For the FR method, the higher you rocket, the more the tank moves.

Trivia Edit

  • If, after performing a Tank Inside Big Pillar (RSU A), a player drops the tank off of the Blood Gulch Base properly, the tank can side-balance. Furthermore, a player can enter the driver seat before the balance finishes, and remain inside after the balance is complete.


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