Top of Beam Tower
  • Game: Halo (PC)
  • Mode: Multiplayer
  • Map: Infinity
  • Type: Locations
  • Subtype: Master Chief Locations
  • Stunt: Top of Beam Tower
Informal Data

The Top of Beam Tower stunt is a well-known location where the player is on top of one of the two beam towers on Infinity. There are two sections on the top of the tower, each about the size of a Scorpion Tank. One of the sections is slightly higher then the other. Players can jump back and forth between these two parts of the tower if they implement an explosive jump when going to the higher section.

Tutorial Edit

  1. Position yourself in a Banshee on the flag base aiming at the top of the tower.
  2. Fly up in the Banshee, so you are about half of a Warthog length from the face of the tower, parallel to the tower.
  3. Exit the Banshee when you are about three Tank lengths from the top of the tower, be sure to not let go of forward at this step.
    • You have to exit the Banshee before you hit the vehicle barrier. You should be completely out of the vehicle when it hits the barrier.
  4. Aim straight down and fire your Fuel Rod up to 5 times at half-second intervals. Be sure to stop when you see the dark gray of the top of the tower.
    • If your Fuel Rods do not affect you because you are too far away from them you did not fly close enough to the tower.
    • If your Fuel Rods don't propel you upwards you weren't aiming straight down.
  5. Guide yourself to land on top of the tower, but be careful not to fly over it!

Video TutorialEdit

Top of Beam Tower Tutorial by Paradoxic

Other InformationEdit


  • Unlike some of the Beam Towers in campaign, the beam on the towers on Infinity will not deal you damage when you are on top of the tower.
  • Players have launched a Ghost on top of the Infinity Beam Tower as well as a Warthog, but no one has managed to launch a Tank or a Banshee on top of the towers.